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Barbara Stepp NLP™, DHE® Master Trainer) is ever grateful to Dr. Richard Bandler for NLP™, DHE® and his contribution to human communication. We are delighted to be associated with him and the Society of NLP™! NLP is about freedom, choice. NLP™ is the study of the structure of subjective experience and is based on the concept that all behavior has structure. Wow! I know it is a mouthful, so let’s make it simpler…..It’s about how to design the inside of your brain, to think about how we think. It is about Process, Not content. The models describe how the human brain functions and are used to teach them, and how language operates on the brain. In simple language, it is about how your brain works. NLP™ is not a model of repair, but a model of acquisition.

Millions of people in education, health care, business and personal development use NLP™ to change their own behavior and influence others effectively. It is an excellent model that allows us to create magic in communication and change. NLP™ is an attitude characterized by the sense of curiosity and adventure and a desire to learn the skills to be able to find out what kinds of communication influences somebody and the kinds of things worth knowing…to look at the life as a rare and unprecedented opportunity to learn. NLP™ is a methodology…based on the overall operational presupposition that all behavior has a structure.. that structure can be modeled, learned, taught, and changed (re-programmed).

The way to know what will be useful and effective are the perceptual skills. NLP™ has evolved as an innovative Technology enabling the practitioner to organize information and perceptions in ways that allow them to achieve results that were once inconceivable. Neuro refers to our nervous system (neurology, our brain) through which we experience and process information using our five senses. (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory) Linguistic refers to our language, verbal and non-verbal through which neural representations are coded, ordered and given meaning. Programming refers to our ability to organize our communication and neurology to achieve specific goals and results.

Here, at EXCELLENCE QUEST, we teach by installation, not by teaching technique after technique. NLP™ is a methodology that leaves behind it a trail of techniques. Techniques become outdated and the NLP model allows for generation of new techniques. While we do teach techniques, we also teach behavioral and valuable language skills. Language, after all, is our middle name. We believe in whatever is useful, whatever works. There are no written tests for certification, because NLP is experiential. We encourage the totally useful approach–insatiable curiosity and flexibility. You will also learn to use some Hypnosis as a tool for change and achievement. If you want to learn the most recently developed, specific, useful information, acquire incredibly effective tools and skills, have fun doing it, and see excellent results; if you are into great feelings, come join us!

Below, you will find some of what you will learn in our training. We not only teach the concepts but how to use them effectively. And we use them to teach them. We have been told many times by many people that we do more exercises and have more fun in our seminars than anyone else. So, we teach it, demonstrate it, and you use it in the safe environment of your classroom. Learn more!

What will I get? What will I learn and be able to do when I attend Excellence Quest NLP training? Read this partial list carefully. You will learn even more technology and how to practically use it for yourself and with others.

NLP™ Practitioner

Practitioner Manual included.

Resolve Conflict, Stop/Change That Internal Dialogue, Timelines, Developing Your Intuition, The Magic of Real Rapport, Improving Learning Strategies, Conversational Hypnosis, How to Sell More in Less Time, Metaprograms

  • Reframing
  • Rapport Establishment
  • Rapport Maintenance
  • Representation Systems
  • Calibrating
  • Overlapping, translation
  • Strategy detection
  • Strategy elicitation
  • Strategy Utilization
  • Strategy Installation
  • State management
  • Calibrating thru sensory
  • experience
  • Submodalities
  • The Meta-Model™
  • The Milton Model
  • NLP™ and Spirituality
  • Have More Fun
  • Negotiation
  • Attitude
  • NLP™ in Business
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Health strategies
  • Vibrant Energy
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Elements of DHE™
  • Better Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Flirting/Romance strategies
  • Barb’s Healing Strategies
  • Verbal/non-verbal pacing
  • Verbal/non verbal leading
  • Omni Directional Chunking
  • Ability 2 Shift Consciousness
  • Change Personal History
  • Strategy Elicitation
  • Various Swish Patterns
  • Visual Squash
  • Belief Change
  • Anchoring

$1995.00 for the weekend seminar
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For more detailed information email mind@excelquest.com or use our Contact Us form if you want a return phone call.