Presenting: Barbara Stepp

Brain Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Premiere Coach/Consultant, NLP Master Trainer, People Helper With 45+ Years Experience

“Barbara Step has long been one of the best and up to date trainer. You ‘ll find none better. This endorsement come in the year 2000, not the stone age.”

richard bandler

Dr. Richard Bandle

Founder of NLP & DHE

“The corporate Barbara Stepp can saunter in to a corporate America, charm them and get them to do the thing needed to improve before they know what hit them.”

richard bandler

John La Valle MBA

President of The Society og NLP

“We have worked together so many years and over that time i have had the sincere privilege of getting to know you and see your loving heart at work !”

richard bandler

Tony Robin

Barbara Stepp

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About Barb

Barbara Stepp has over 45 years of experience in personal development and corporate training.

She was awarded Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® by Dr. Richard Bandler personally, and is also a Master Hypnotist with 45+ years of experience and a Premier Coach.

She is the oldest NLP Master…


What Barb’s Clients Are Saying:

“Since joining Barbara Stepp’s Master Leader group I am much more effective when communicating with and helping others..  I give Barb my heartfelt and infinite thanks and the Master Leader calls my highest recommendation.”

major detective

Major Detective Steve Phillips

Police Officer / Detective

“World Class Master of NLP, Barbara Stepp, has a remarkable ability to take the complex and break it down so we, her students, can change and heal our world from the inside out! Her style of guiding us through processes and exercises to the other side of personal freedom is the stuff legends in this industry are made of.”

major detective

Beth Hinson Phillips

“Training with Barbara Stepp is like being taught by your fairy godmother as the audience is captivated by her charm while she helps you create the life you want. The energy that Barbara projects comes from such a good place, her courses turn into wonderful experiences as she works her magic…It’s like she is casting spells and granting wishes. It’s a pleasure to learn from her.

major detective

Adrian Brown

United Kingdom

“Barb’s training helped me get our Association for Clinical Pastoral Education program accredited…

Using the skills and techniques I learned in her program I have helped student chaplains build rapport, improve prayer sessions, as well as allowing the medical staff do their jobs better…  As we like to say in the trade, “Sanctuary much.”

major detective

Father Charles Hartn Brown

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