8973975-a-lone-woman-raising-her-arms-in-awe-at-the-powerful-waves-on-the-cliffs-edge-in-county-clare-irelan-1-200x125Barbara Stepp, Premier Coach, sees clients personally in her Chicago office. People travel from around the United States and the world to work with her. She works with clients from all over the world via Skype as well.

Having been a coach and consultant for 45+ years, she can and will coach you in a simple and practical way. There is no need for complicated and glamorous tactics. She listens to you and focuses on resolving issues, acquiring resources and assisting you to move through life with certainty and balance.  Mentoring, Executive Coaching, Success Coaching, Health Coaching are also her expertise.

Barbara is an NLP, DHE®, No Fault Psychology, Other than Conscious Communication Master Trainer, Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist who can help you in any area.

“Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You’ll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age.” ~ Dr. Richard Bandler, Evolutionizer, Founder for NLP™ & DHE®

Whether it is Personal or Business, Barbara can help you….She has been spent most of her adult life helping thousands of individuals and Businesses worldwide.  She cut her teeth in corporate America.

John La Valle, MBA, President Society of NLP says, “Barbara Stepp will take you through your quest for excellence in the most elegant way that only she can. Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it. She’s sort of like that cute little pink bunny with the drum, she just keeps going and boy are we glad! She is a true professional and an asset to NLP™. She is one of the few trainers we can refer people to and not have to think twice. We know they will be in good hands.”

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