“HYPNOSIS” and the Business of Belief Systems MP3

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In 1999, Dave Dobson was coaxed out of retirement to give a seminar to a group of hypnotists. In this seminar, Dr. Dobson challenges the traditional models of hypnosis and healing. In a rare view of history, Dobson traces the history of hypnosis and the failures of the Freudian model. Dobson, teaches this seminar of a number of different levels. The astute listener may pick up the change work that Dobson did on the participants during the seminar. The set includes several unique formal trances that Dr. Dobson playfully labels “Tuxedos.” They include a version of the Beach Trip, “The Stretch”, and Housecleaning. Dave also masterfully displays the use of patterns that were models for later NLP change patterns including: tonal anchoring, subjective reversal, and meta-fives. These are the first funshop recordings that Dr. Dobson allowed to be sold to the general public.

Over 16 hours of Content!


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