Reiki, Energy And Beyond (11/10-11, 2018)


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November 10-11, 2018

Reiki originates from the words Raku-Kei. Raku is the vertical energy flow, and Kei is the horizontal flow of energy through the body. Raku-Kei is the Art and Science of Spiritual self-improvement based on origins of ancient Tibetan Lamas. Reiki, a sacred, secret, oral tradition, was rediscovered in the mid-nineteenth century by a Christian Monk and doctor of Theology, Dr. Mikao Usui. It is healing energy that is transmitted through the hands of a channel who has been keyed-in (connected more directly to the source through an initiation process). It is important to be aware that you do not give your energy to others, nor do you take energy. Reiki energy comes from the Creator. When you do Reiki, you are not only healing the person you are working with, but yourself as well. One does not have to be sick or in a negative place or state of mind to benefit from Reiki channeling. A person who receives Reiki is simply made better. Reiki will balance your energy and give you a true sense of well-being. Reiki channels are people from all walks of life, races and occupations who have received energy intensification keys from a qualified Reiki Master. Teacher. We believe that Reiki is unconditional love and the ethical principles of Reiki are:

Just for today, I shall–
let go of worry
let go of anger.
respect the life force in each living thing.
count my many blessings.

Reiki is being used today by many health care professionals. You will see it used in holistic centers as well as hospitals. We are training more and more nurses in Reiki. Massage therapists, cranial sacral therapists and many other body workers are using it more and more. However, you do not have to be a body worker to be a Reiki practitioner

Reiki energy and healing ability varies among Reiki Master Teachers. You will know when you find the Teacher for you.

At Excellence Quest, we train people from all walks of life to do Reiki healing. We have taught Reiki to doctors, nurses, teachers, body workers and business persons; anyone who wants to contribute to well-being. Whether you want it for yourself and family or to start a practice, you will enjoy the benefits. You will be taught hands-on, (self and others) and remote healing. You will learn the ancient tradition of Reiki, including the Reiki symbols. We work in depth with the Chakras as well. The class includes teaching and healing demonstrations, meditations, developing your intuition, managing your own energy, sharing Reiki healing in class, as well as advanced energy training. You will receive attunements from the Reiki Master teacher, Barbara Stepp.

You will also have the opportunity to intern with Barbara and attend more classes and healing shares compliments of Barb.

Reiki I and II are offered to anyone. If you feel compelled to become a Reiki Master, arrangements can be made individually to accomplish this or in a scheduled class. Reiki energy is very powerful. It is very important that we are clean and pure channels.

An aged lama practiced meditation by a small pond. But no sooner had he crossed his legs and began the prayers then would notice a little insect drowning in the water and get up to rescue it. Every day it was the same, until his fellow monks became concerned that he was never actually practicing any meditation. They suggested he choose another spot where he would be undisturbed or that he meditate with his eyes close so that he would not see the little insects in the water. Then he would achieve enlightenment more quickly and be in position to truly help all sentient beings. The aged lama thanked his brothers for their concern but replied, “How can a worthless old manlike me, who has taken a vow to devote this life and all subsequent lives to rescuing sentient beings, sit with closed eyes and a closed heart meditating on compassion while these helpless insects are suffering before me?

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