Barbara has taught her I year Program, NLP™, DHE®, OTCC™, No Fault Psychology™, Hypnosis, Coaching & Consulting with numerous clients/students around the world. Below you will find both  video and written testimonials of just some of her thousands of satisfied clients whose lives were changed.


Brian Tucker, media expert, speaks of NLP Practitioner and Master and how it has changed his life, especially his personal vision.. Barbara is a master of language and has made it more useful and practical than any of the other trainers he has worked with.

Jason Muhammed, IT manager, training with Barbara in NLP was a transformative experience, says he got more than he expected in Barbara’s training and is applying it everywhere in his life. He says she is a Master Communicator and teacher.

Tim Marshall, Entrepreneur and coach, talks about his experience in the Dave Dobson Hypnosis Fun Shop™ and Other Than Conscious Communication™. He uses the practical applications he learned from Barbara.

The English Sisters speak about how they learned in trance the amazing technology of No-Fault Psychology™ and Other than Conscious Communication™, a different kind of learning and how they will apply in their lives. They say Barbara is a Trance-Master. They learned the OTC Hello, patterns, skills and amazing language.

The English Sisters`speak about language they learned in the Fun Shop and how they are applying it professionally and personally.

Professor Robert Gramillano, PhD, talks about how he has been helped with NLP through Barbara’s teaching to apply it to his teaching and coaching and how Barbara makes it practical and applicable.

Julia Chung, statistician, a one year student of Barbara’s is delighted with what she has learned and is able to do in her business, coaching and personal life. She likes that is was totally experiential.


“Barbara Stepp has long been one of the best and up to date trainers. You’ll find none better. This endorsement comes in the year 2000, not the stone age.”

Dr. Richard Bandler, Evolutionizer, Founder for NLP™ & DHE®

“Barbara Stepp will take you through your quest for excellence in the most elegant way that only she can. Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it. She’s sort of like that cute little pink bunny with the drum, she just keeps going and boy are we glad! She is a true professional and an asset to NLP™. She is one of the few trainers we can refer people to and not have to think twice. We know they will be in good hands.”

John La Valle, President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™

“We have worked together so many years and over that time, I have had the sincere privilege of getting to know you and seeing your loving heart at work. You are a beautiful lady inside and out!”

Tony Robbins

“I have had the fun and great fortune of studying with some of the top NLP™ trainers on the planet and many seeds of knowledge were planted at their seminars.

Barbara Stepp, a member of that elite group of super trainers, has, with her Master Leader group, not only continued to plant those seeds but also provide the nourishment to cause those seeds to grow and flourish. Barb is a gifted master and trainer of the craft of helping people with NLP™, as well as with genius Dave Dobson’s unique, effective, and wonderful skills.

Major  Steve Phillips

Since attending Barb’s Master Leader™ calls I have noticed myself able to much more effectively help others help themselves and for that I give Barb heartfelt and infinite thanks and give the Master Leader calls my highest recommendation for anyone wishing to become more effective at helping self and others with these wonderful and miraculous tools!”

South CarolinaPolice Officer

“I first met Barb in 1991 at Tony Robbins’ final Certification program in Hawaii. We connected as fellow Chicago residents and lovers of the mind, body, and spirit connection. As a Master Trainer for both Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler, Barb was my first choice for an NLP™ trainer. I obtained my Practitioner and Master Practitioner from Barb in ’95 and ’96 respectively. Barb Stepp has the gift of taking something complicated and explaining the process in ways that you can understand, but most importantly are FUN. I am excited to learn about Barb’s latest “Easy Button” program: Master Leader. I say this because I’m able to listen to a monthly conference call, ask questions and brush up on my NLP skills. I only need to attend 20 out of the next 24 “live” calls to renew my Hypnosis and NLP Master Practitioner License. Thanks Barb…”

Carrie Aaron
HR Outsourcing Consultant

“Training with Barbara Stepp is like being taught by your fairy godmother as the audience is captivated by her charm while she helps you create the life you want. The energy that Barbara projects comes from such a good place, her courses turn into wonderful experiences as she works her magic. It’s the wonderful way you sit on the stage and talk to the audience, Barb, its like your casting spells and granting wishes. Barbara, it’s a pleasure to learn from you.” ~

Adrian Brown, NLP™ Trainer, United Kingdom

“World Class Master of NLP™, Barbara Stepp, has a remarkable ability to take the complex and break it down so we, her Students, can change and heal our world from the inside out!  Her style of guiding us through processes and exercises to the other side of personal freedom is the “Stuff” Legends in this Industry are made of.  Thank You Barb for the contributions you have made to the Phillips’ Family. 

Beth Hinson Phillips
South Carolina

“I’ve been thinking about how under published your trainings were. You deserve huge recognition. The training I received from you is world class and has helped me to understand way more than other Master Practitioners that I know. It meant a lot to me. Keep up the good work! Thank you Barbara!”

De Ja Pritchard

“If you only want, if you only allow Barbara Stepp to be your guide when making the first steps and following down the NLP™ path, you can be sure you have found yourself in the best hands possible to lead you to a better self. Learning with Barbara is the best way to make this wonderful journey into the the corners of your mind that you didn’t know existed! She is wonderful, enchanting and most of all effective….a teacher endowed with a most unique gift. Thank you Barbara!”

Malgorzata Korys
Chicago, Illinois

“Barb is a natural teacher and trainer. She imparts knowledge with passion for the subject and with compassion for the learner. When Barb teaches, it is a “must understand” for the learner. The course content was very rich and in depth. The course was no only rich in content but very much practical and interactive. There were so many practical solutions that I can apply to everyday personal situations.”

Stalin Edegba Ewoigbokhan

“A few days ago I was listening to your interview in “Modeling the Masters”….The way you speak, the way you live, and the way you bring solutions is awesome…You mentioned that Nutrition and Energy has a great role in your life and to me I agree completely with you. Thank you that you gave me the chance to listen to you enormously carefully.:)”

Tanar Caker

“You have an incredible ability to impart knowledge in a way that is refreshing and easy to absorb. I admit my head is still spinning from everything we learned, but I know I have the information because I have already seen changes in myself that can surely be attributed to insights I gained from our class. Because you teach with grace, compassion, and a genuine desire for your students to learn and understand, it is easy to take in information you have I admire your thirst for knowledge and ability to inspire curiosity in your students.”

Elizabeth Martin

“The course was very enjoyable and we had lots of opportunities to do interesting exercises. I feel my understanding of NLP and the Milton Model made a giant leap forward in the class. Barbara and Several assistants were available to help us with understanding and applying the concepts and doing the exercises. We had a lot of fun learning the material.”

James Hammet

“This course was presented in a way that made the patterns of NLP™ make sense. Barb made the thing I had read and perplexed me seem simple. Everything was easy to comprehend. I laughed more all week than I have in a long time. Great life experience!” ~

John Beckel
Graphic artist, Illinois

“I knew Barb cared not only about this NLP™ material but about me as a person. She modeled great for the class the behaviors she wanted us to demonstrate and was great to learn from! This will be so valuable to me in many, many ways! I plan on using it both personally and as soon as get back in my internship with clients. The training assistants were great! I know so much work goes on behind the scenes and it was seamless which shows their amazing competence.”

Amanda Rich: Graduate student in Counseling, North Carolina

“This is a valuable tool for human development! Too bad NLP™ is not taught at preschool level. The trainer, Barbara Stepp has an incredible level of preparation, organization and expertise generously shared with all. The staff was outstandingly supportive from first encounter through completion. I absolutely will recommend this training to others.”

Susan Brady, RN, Illinois

“Barbara skillfully guides her students through an amazing week of learning, making it effortless to grasp the content. This NLP™ course work has changed my life and has opened doors to realize that I can accomplish anything and assist others to do the same. The training assistants were there to assist in anyway they could, and their knowledge and willing to guide is superb! The seminar room was comfortable and well planned out for learning.”

Maureen Castonguay, Campcast Consulting.

“I would like to enthusiastically endorse the NLP™ Practitioner training, sponsored by Anita (Live With Power) and taught by Barbara Stepp. I had attended a practitioner training done by another trainer and can boldly say, there was no comparison. Barbara’s teaching methods are absolutely fantastic. I watched in amazement as Barbara skillful and thoughtfully made her seminar special and unique for each person in attendance. Having students understanding the skills of NLP were top priority to her.” 

Charmaine Humphrey