About Us

Barbara Stepp’s purpose in life is to make a loving and powerful difference and inspire people all over this world to live their dreams.  Her goal is to share her knowledge and experience and that of her dear Dave Dobson, PhD. Together, they offer over 90 years of knowledge, experience, skills and wisdom in the Personal Development field…..You could say they are pioneers in the field. She is and international Master Trainerconducts various business/personal development seminars and has been doing corporate training for over 40 years. She is a premier coach and consultant.

She does this through Excellence Quest Training International, of whichshe is CEO. Barbara was awarded Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® by Dr. Richard Bandler personally.She is also a Master Hypnotist with 45+ years of experience and  a Premier Coach. She is the oldest NLP Master trainer in the world with over 30 years in NLP. She is a guest trainer sponsored by other companies and institutes. Barbara also conducts OTCC™ & NFP™ Fun Shops, created by her life partner, Dr. Dave Dobson. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and a Certified Patterns of Physical Transformation practitioner.

Barbara specifically enjoys private sessions with clients, mentors, coaches and trains people to set up their business and offers apprenticeships. A published author, her book and cd set, co-authored with Dr. Paul Varnas, focuses on mind/body health and is entitled, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Energy, But Were Too Tired To Ask. She also co-authored the Master Trainers’ Book. She is also creator of resources, including Language Mastery and Simply Hypnosis™, NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and more.Excellence Quest certifies in NLP™ courses through the Society of NLP™ and Dr. Richard Bandler (creator and developer of NLP™ and DHE™ ). Barb teaches Hypnosis workshops from her Simply Hypnosis™ to Hypnosis OTCC™ Fun Shop and certifies hypnotists. She operates a Hypnosis school.

She was personal and profession partner of Dr. Dave Dobson, father and creator of Other Than Conscious Communication™ and No-Fault Psychology™; is heir to his intellectual property and teaches his OTCC™ Fun Shop™ as he taught and prepared her to do.  Dave and Barbara’s hypnosis careers combined total 90 years. Dave’s life’s work is available on her store exclusively.

Barb has had the privilege of co-training with Dr. Richard Bandler, creator of NLP™ and DHE™ and John La Valle, president of the Society of NLP™ over the years. She has also served as a support trainer for Richard Bandler in his many seminars for over 25 years.

You will experience Barb’s seminars as specific, thorough, practical, fun, playful, outrageous and spiritual. To quote John La Valle,” Barbara is vivacious, determined, funny, and energetic. She is a trainer who will make you laugh and feel good about yourself, and will latch on to a problem and not stop until you solve it. She’s one of the few trainers we can refer to.” DrBandler says, “There is none better.”

When you attend her Excellence Quest seminars, you will discover how she individually tailors them for you and your classmates. Barb personally works with all her participants. People say that Barbara teaches “NLP™ with a heart.” She bases all her work on “whatever is useful, whatever works.”

Barb believes in teaching hands-on, practical, useful information, skills, techniques and how to easily apply them. She does so with a sense of humor and enormous energy. You will get the tools you need to change your life forever or simply make it better. You can dissolve away limiting beliefs and unwanted behaviors, set new directions, and motivate yourself to realize your dreams…and help others to do so if they desire.

As an adventurer, Barbara was on the Anthony Robbins training team for eight years in the early days. A PADI Master Scuba Diver, Barb loves to dive anywhere she can. As a skydiver, she is more selective. And, oh, yes…..she is a licensed private pilot. As a cancer VICTOR, she will teach you effective health applications of NLP™, DHE® and self-hypnosis. She is a natural and energetic teacher and healer and is now recovering nicely from a broken back and brain injury due to a building accident. Her friends fondly call her, “Feisty Lady”, “Fairy godmother of NLP™, and “NLP Granny”. After celebrating her 76th birthday she was asked how she is;  she said simply, “legendary.”

We provide high quality seminars, in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, Design Human Engineering™, Hypnosis, Other-Than-Conscious Communication™ and No-Fault™ Psychology, as well as Communication skills for business/individuals, Coaching and Consulting.

Excellence Quest is dedicated to creating an environment for powerful learning and inspires people all over the world to live their dreams. We do this with excellent technology, skills, fun, playfulness, and commitment through our seminars and coaching. While focusing on peak performance, we continue to promote the conspiracy of ecstasy.